Smart building systems from “Javahir Residence” – smart buildings in Baku

Each of us has a place we come back to after work, travel, and rest – our home.

If the “Smart” devices we use everywhere in the world, which is becoming smarter every day, give us comfort, accuracy and efficiency, why should our home not be Smart?

That’s why “Kristal Absheron” group of companies is preparing and presenting to you Smart houses based on the Smart building system in the newly used residential complexes. When talking about smart buildings in Baku, the first thing that comes to mind, one of the buildings that catch the eye with its quality and grandeur is the “Javahir Residence” residential complex located on Sharifzade Street, Yasamal district.

Advantages of a smart building

The houses in this residential complex have 3 main functions for both safety and high savings for you.

General light control
Gas line management
Water line management
During the General Light control, you control the general electricity in the house. You can turn off the light with this function both before danger and at the moment of danger. In general, you can interfere with the lights of your house when you are away from home, on your way to work, on any trip, that is, you can turn it on and off.

A water line management feature used to prevent water leaks saves your home from a major hazard and saves you from a major expense. Considering that in case of water leakage, you are not the only one who suffers damage, but your neighbors are also in danger. That is why we can call managing water, managing danger.

You are aware of the importance of gas line management. In houses with this function, in case of such danger, the supply of gas entering the house is stopped by closing the line automatically. Thanks to the advantages of a smart building, you will be satisfied with the comfort and safety of your building, your home, and your family members.

How does it feel to live in a smart home?

When you buy a phone, you will find the functionality you are looking for already in your home. You will be able to not only view and manage the information you need remotely. The biggest feature of a smart home is that it is not only controlled but also self-controlled. This means that apartments in Javahir Residence will not be waiting for you to avoid the ever-present danger. This is what you need.

Smart home systems don’t just show you functionality, they also monitor your security. Let’s try to defend our home and ourselves.


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