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Our company operates in Smart Building and Home automation, production and installation. Our company manufactures 100 different products. Our products have been produced under the brand “ElSMART” since 2017 as the first and only Smart Home and Building management systems in Azerbaijan.


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We offer you many automated systems, including smart home systems:


Professional staff

Our staff consists of skilled and professional staff.Our professional staff always serves you at the highest level.


High service

We offer high quality customer service at a time when service areas are endless.


Affordable price

Our main goal is to have constant dialogue with our customers on quality and price, to offer the right solutions, taking into account the clients' opinions.


Quality work

“SMART HOME” MMC offers you high quality work. The work done meets the relevant standards.


Completed projects



Draft Construction

“Elsmart” technology company is one of the most advanced companies developing smart home and other automatic control systems in our country. According to the contract concluded between us, he successfully performed the works of elevator management and parking system construction and won our sympathy. I recommend it to local and international companies without hesitation.

İmran Abdullayev



We, “DiADEM” QSC, have successfully executed the works of Smart building management and the construction of a smart home system for 172 apartments under the contract signed between us and the technology company “Elsmart” since January 12, 2022, and won our sympathy.

Azər Bayramov


B2B Group MMC

I do not hesitate to recommend Elsmart technology company to local and global companies to benefit from their highly organized services. The company has always earned our respect by operating promptly and reliably. The company, which specializes in smart home and automatic systems, has the most professional team in our country.

Ramal Bəşirov


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Frequently asked questions

Smart home systems allow you to create a network between electronic devices in different parts of your home and work together via the Internet. Several functions of smart home systems, such as security, natural receipt, lamp control, climate control, metering, room regulation, multimedia control, etc. as it may be.

Installing smart home systems includes the steps of selecting the electronic devices in your home, selecting a smart home systems platform, installing and configuring the devices, and ultimately testing the installation for security.

Smart home systems offer a variety of features to enhance your home’s security. These features include security cameras, sensors, call buttons, and more. as it may be. Some smart home systems platforms offer enhanced functionality for security sensors to work in a unique way. These systems allow users to receive alerts about any internal or external security issues in their homes.


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