“Smart Hotel” Project in Ganja

“Smart Hotel” Project in Ganja

As SMART HOME LLC, we continue to make your life easier with our new work, connecting you with the opportunities and solutions of new technologies. The idea of a smart hotel has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to improve the guest experience and save money. Especially smart room technology provides more personalization, energy efficiency, faster hospitality, more flexibility and the ability to remotely control devices. The Smart Hotel System allows hotel owners to operate more efficiently and profitably. Smart Hotel is the best choice to increase customer satisfaction by constantly monitoring the work and providing customers with more comfortable rooms. With the control function of mobile devices, customers can adjust the room to their comfort.

“Smart Hotel” system

  • Light Management
  • Smart Lock System
  • Temperature Control System
  • Air Conditioning Management
  • Smart Music System
  • TV Management
  • Integration of Bartech Smart Minibars into Our System
  • Hotel PMS
  • Wifi Spot
  • Server & Networking


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