Our interviewer is Elshad Huseynov, the founder of SMART HOME and the creator of the first local brand in Azerbaijan, ELSMART:

 – Elshad bay, as we know, you are starting to produce smart home systems that are always appealing to consumers around the world as products in Azerbaijan. How did you decide on this great revolutionary work?

– First of all, I would like to note that SMART HOME LLC started its activity in 2012 in the direction of Smart Building and Home Automation. We started selling and installing these products in Azerbaijan, but we had a desire to make 100% local production of these products possible.

We thought that it was time to go a long way in this direction, considering the possibility of these systems being produced in Azerbaijan and being offered to the domestic market as well. But there was still something missing, and it was really hard to come up with such a responsible job without the support of someone.

In the end, our President was our main force, which gave us moral strength and inspiration. Tonight is the support and attention she has given to her efforts to create and expand local production. We also set out to meet local needs with quality products.

– How will the national production remain?

– Our products, manufactured under the ELSMART brand, provide an ideal balance of both high quality and affordable sales, which in turn enables us to successfully compete in the local and world markets by acquiring consumers. is programmed and produced by experts. Our devices aim to support ELBUS and MBUS, which are widely used by our company, as well as internationally known protocols such as KNX, ZigBee, Z-wave. This in turn will allow you to meet your own desires in any of your projects, complete your unfinished projects, and add and improve your submitted projects.

– Will ELSMART be the first national brand in this field in Azerbaijan?

– As you know, President Ilham Aliyev in his speeches appealed to entrepreneurs to increase sales of Azerbaijani products abroad. Of course, our main goal in delivering smart home systems under the ELSMART brand in Azerbaijan is to join the call of the President, and first of all, we will provide our products locally in neighboring countries and CIS countries. to represent our brand and, above all, Azerbaijan at the highest level in those countries.

– As you know, you have led the company for security systems, video surveillance and related systems for many years, and are you considering the interconnection of these technologies?

– Be assured that we are a company with greater ambitions. Any work is done after multi-functional market research. As for the details of the plans, these are our secrets. I just want to point out that our company has the ability to produce, program and integrate all kinds of products successfully.

– A lot of people, private homes and businesses want to implement this system in multi-storey buildings, and you will probably have special credit terms for them.

– It is planned to use a variety of marketing and sales methods to make our outdoor products accessible. From time to time it is planned to sell our products through both internal and banks, with campaigns, discounts and favorable loan conditions.

– Of course, it would be a little hard work to make such an innovation in Azerbaijan. For the organization of the work and its professional execution, it is necessary to have teamwork. Who are your team members?

– You are right. We were suffering from scratch when we started this work. Perhaps the biggest advantage of our company is that every member of our team is professional in their work. Therefore, in a short time, interest in smart home systems began to increase in Azerbaijan. Because in everything we do, we have been able to win the approval of our customers. By the way, I would like to thank Chingiz Humbatova, the hard-working member of our team, who provides our system for programming, and our professional friend Mushfig Iskandar, who is responsible for all our electronics business.

– Elshad bay, we ask our readers to mention the contact details of your company.

– Our shop is located on the 1st floor of the Central Universam Store.
For sale you need to contact the numbers “055 709 18 08” 055 209 18 08 “, for our technical service 055 449 18 08; 055 969 18 08”. Our city number is “012 555 16 59”. Our products and works are also available at

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