Live in the Land of Wonders!

What does a movie you look at lead you to a completely different world? Or does the music you listen to make you feel that you are somewhere else? These are the emotions that make you great at cinema, theater, and concert halls.

The enthusiasm of rock in the kitchen,the classical music in the bathroom,the jazz comfort in the lounge. You can experience all of these feelings at any time. Plus with the sound and vision quality you dream about. All you need to do is connect your devices such as computers, DVD players, TVs, music systems, iPods, and playstation with Smart Technology.

We even create a multimedia server for you to listen to your favorite tracks and watch your videos and photos on any TV in your home.

The built-in multimedia server makes it all available at one or more rooms at the same time.

The Multimedia Management System allows you to control all your video and audio systems via the Smart Building system, as on the remote control. With the help of the volume controller, you can set a separate sound for each room in your home.

Don’t pursue your pleasures; let your pleasures follow you in every corner of your home.

Не беги за своими удовольствиями и наслаждайся каждым уголком своего дома.

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