Get up with the sunlight!

Get up with the sunlight!

Get out of bed in the morning with sunlight!

The curtains will be closed when you get home in the evening and it will open in the morning wake you up by the light of day.

Thanks to the Curtain Management System, all the curtains in your home can be opened and closed at command points, at the center or at selected times.

When the air is dark, the curtains are closed; When the air is illuminated, it will open automatically. In addition, when exposed to severe weather conditions such as severe wind or rain, or when the sun’s light hits the windows, sensors turn on and shut the curtains. One of the advantages of the system is that you get the most out of the sunlight in winter and thus save energy.

Don’t worry about staying away from home for a long time, because the control is still on you! To create an impression that you are at home, you need to program the Curtain Control system by selecting the time and region.

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